Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Alexa Rocco


To me, Sigma Kappa means never being alone. I am so lucky to know my best friend, my little, and my big because of sigma kappa. They have been there for me endlessly and no matter what. I have seen and been a part of so many amazing and beautiful friendships built on love and respect, and I am so honored to be the President of such a supportive group of strong women.

Samantha LaMorte

Executive Vice President

To me, Sigma Kappa is more than just Greek Letters. Sigma Kappa is a diverse group of beautiful, strong, smart, and successful women who share common values and goals for themselves. Sigma Kappa is an opportunity to not only meet new people but to also grow as an individual. Sigma Kappa has given me: leadership and service opportunities, confidence, friends, and sisters to call "my family." There is not a day that goes by that I am not happy about my position as Executive Vice President as well as my overall decision to be a Sigma Kappa.

Karli Ramirez

Vice President of Programming

While going through rounds, I met so many incredible women in each organization-- but the sisters of Sigma Kappa immediately made me feel as if I was respected and were genuinely interested in the conversations I had with them. I never felt as if I had to pretend to be something I wasn't because I was loved for who I was, and that's the reason why I ended up joining our organization.

Julianna Bottiglieri

Vice President of New Membership Education

I was unsure about Greek Life before joining a sorority. My new member experience really solidified that joining a sorority was a great decision. I met so many amazing people and bonded with everyone so quickly. I ran for this position because I wanted to provide new members with the same experience that I had.

Mackenzie Hargrove

Vice President of Membership

Since joining Sigma Kappa, I have become a better version of myself. Being a part of this sisterhood has given me the confidence I have always needed. It is comforting to know that I have found a group of girls who believe in me, who are there when I need them, and will push me to continue to grow. I feel like my true self with Sigma Kappa– which, I know is so cliche to say, but it’s true! I have come out of my shell so much since starting college and I think it has to do with the confidence I have gained since joining.

Giovanna Berca

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

I chose Sigma Kappa because of the philanthropy. Alzheimer’s is very important to my family and I, and I’m really happy I get to be apart of an organization that truly cares.

Maggie McGrorry

Vice President of Scholarship


Madison Storcella

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

I ran for this position because I wanted to get more involved with our philanthropies. Service and loyalty are two of our core values of our organization and personal values, that I hold closest to my heart. It is through all the events, fundraising efforts and service initiatives that we are able to help others, give back, and do with with the support of our sisters behind us.

  • Email:
  • Hometown: Lambertville, NJ
  • Major: Public & Mass Communications Studies and minors in Marketing & Management

Jennifer Pasternack

Vice President of Finance

During our philanthropy round I instantly knew that Sigma Kappa and I had shared values. Having just lost a second grandparent to Alzheimers, I was shocked to see how much Sigma Kappa cared for the Alzheimers Association. I instantly wanted to join this sorority because I knew that my passions were reflected in the organization and that they could help me be the best version of myself.

Madi Martin

Vice President of Communication

Communication is essential to all aspects of success. I ran for this position so that our chapter could continue to grow in developing our communication within our organization, as well as within the Greek Community as a whole.

Jessica Murray

Panhellenic Delegate

I wanted to be Sigma Kappa’s Panhellenic Delegate because the Greek community on our campus is so diverse and I wanted a hand in bringing every organization closer together. I wanted to improve our general relations with every organization on campus.

Alana Sueskind

Public Relations Chair

Sigma Kappa has become a safe place and growing space for me throughout the years.

Morgan Lubner

Social Chair

I joined SK because I met two girls (who would eventually become my family) at an interest session the fall of my freshman year, and I knew that if even half of the people in the organization were as amazing as they are, I would be in a good place.

Liz Hansen

Continuous Open Bidding Chair

Bid Day is my favorite memory of Sigma Kappa because I knew I had made the right decision and these girls would be my forever friends”

Maddie Zurcher

Sisterhood Chair

I feel like I belong to an organization that betters me everyday by introducing me to some of the most selfless, inspirational and kindest women I’ve met. Sigma Kappa has given me not only a home and a family, but a platform to empower and grow personally. This sorority has become my number one supporter and a great source of strength. It’s taught me everything from the value of loyalty to how paint canvases. For all these reasons I am so grateful for being able to be a part of Sigma Kappa.

Kristen Dressler

Ritual Chair

My favorite memories in Sigma Kappa have to be big little reveals! When my little unwrapped me we both slipped on the wrapping paper and fell, and my big was able to record the whole thing. The video of that moment makes me laugh whenever I see it!

Uyen Vu


I chose Sigma Kappa because I felt at ease when I was talking to sisters during Recruitment. I had no worries about trying to portray myself in a certain why and that is how I learned that Sigma Kappa was my home.

  • Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Major: Biology

Maria LaQuaglia


I rushed Sigma Kappa because it has always felt like home.

Laura Saenz

Activities Chair

My first TCNJam as a Sigma Kappa sister, I was a dancer so I danced for 8 hours straight to support for the fight against pediatric cancer. It was the first event where I was able ro meet so many other Sigma Kappa’s and felt like I was a part of a huge loving family. It was also the day I met my Big and got close to so many of the older girls who taught me a lot of valuable lessons, not only about Sigma Kappa, but about life as well, and they, to this day, still motivate me whether they’re 5 minutes away or 5 hours away

  • Major: Health and Exercise Science
  • Hometown: Franklin Lakes, NJ

Elena Hill

Merit Chair

As a Sigma Kappa legacy, I already felt closely connected to the organization and the sisters.